Insurance & Investment Advisory Services

“I need an accountant who is independent of my investment advisor.  When accountants also sell investments and insurance I worry about their motives.  Are they looking out for my financial interest or are they more concerned with getting fees and commissions?”

“Is my portfolio diversified enough?  Should I be involved in a different investment vehicle?”

The Certified Public Accountants at Wilging, Roush & Parsons CPAs understands insurance and investment decisions are major concerns for our clients.  We have taken the position that we should be independent advisors to clients.  Receiving commissions from selling investments and insurance jeopardizes this independent relationship.  Therefore, we prefer to refer our clients to local professionals who specialize in insurance & investment advisory services.

We believe insurance agents, investment advisors, and accountants offer specialized services in distinct and specific areas.  It is difficult for one professional to be an expert in everything.

Just as physicians have specialties, financial professionals also have areas of expertise.  While ‘one-stop-shopping’ is convenient, we do not believe it is always the best course of action when it comes to our clients’ financial well being.