Financial Statement Audit

“Why does our entity need a financial statement audit?”

“Are there benefits I gain with selecting a local firm as opposed to one of the ‘Big Firms’?”

“How do we meet our financial reporting requirements in a timely and cost efficient manner?”

“How do we utilize our audited financial statements to identify opportunities for improvements?” 

A financial statement audit is the examination of financial statements by an independent third party which results in an independent opinion on whether the financial statements are relevant, accurate, complete, and fairly presented.  Audited financial statements provide users with confidence in the information they rely on when making decisions.

The Certified Public Accountants at Wilging, Roush & Parsons CPAs offers personalized services with professional results.  With resources that are comparable to national CPA firms, we are committed to providing unrivaled service and superior client satisfaction.  We offer expertise, individualized client attention, and state of the art technology.  Because we are a local firm, we have flexibility in tailoring our services to the specific needs of our clients.

We understand our clients often have reporting deadlines established by third-party financial statement users and fee constraints resulting from straining budgets.  With the cooperation of our client’s accounting personnel, we strive to keep our fees contained and to satisfy reporting requirements.

From knowledge we gain while performing financial statement audits, upon completion of the engagement, our team of professionals meets with members of management or those charged with governance to review the results of the audit and offer suggestions to capitalize on strengths and improve upon weaknesses.