Financial Software Consulting

“How can my software help me with budgets and cash flow?”

“As a manager, how can my software alert me to significant transactions without me spending a lot of time reviewing the detail transactions?”

“I do not understand how to set up payroll in my software.  I need someone to review the setup to  ensuring payroll is being calculated correctly.”

As QuickbooksTM and PeachtreeTM Pro Advisors, the Certified Public Accounts at Wilging, Roush & Parsons CPAs help companies set up accounting and payroll systems and train users to maximize all the features offered.

By utilizing the extensive knowledge of our team of financial software consulting advisors, users will discover how easy it is to compile, track and understand the information produced by their in-house software.

Most software packages have customizable alert functions.  For example, in PeachtreeTM , the software can automatically send email alerts to managers when certain events happen, such as significant sales or cash receipts.  It allows management to become more efficient because the software generates critical information in a timely manner without any human involvement.

We invite our clients to take advantage of one of our in-house QuickbooksTM or PeachtreeTM classes.  We also offer individualized demonstrations.  Users learn how to easily set up and monitor budgets, track inventory and prepare accurate payroll checks and tax returns.