Closely Held Business Services

“With turmoil in the economy, I worry about my company’s ability to survive the next five years.”

“I do not want to work forever; where are my options when it comes to exit strategies? What is the best way to transition my business to my children? Should I sell my business to a third party? How do I do know if this is a good deal for me? What do I need to know to make a good decision?”

Business strategy is critical when owning and operating a closely held business. With turmoil in the economy, it is more important than ever to analyze all business processes for potential improvements.

The Certified Public Accountants at Wilging, Roush & Parsons CPAs understand business processes. With innovative software, we help clients benchmark company performance against their peers, looking for ways to take advantage of strengths and improve upon areas where they fall short of the industry. Under managements direction, we develop forecasts and projections to use as tools for strategy development and measurement. We understand that “Cash is King” and we have specific tools that show the impact decisions have on cash flow. Goal setting and monitoring become critical with uncertain economic conditions, and our tools allow clients to closely monitor performance. We help closely held business clients to continue looking down the road so they can take advantage of opportunities and have time to be proactive when facing potential financial problems.

Business transitions are often difficult and complex issues that require proactive strategies to ensure a smooth process. By always looking forward, setting goals, and monitoring performance, our clients benefit down the road when it is time to enjoy retirement.

Along with strategy development, WRP CPAs offer a wide variety of services helpful to our closely held business clients, including quality financial statements, tax planning and preparation, and bookkeeping services.