“I have a bookkeeper employed to help with the daily operations of my business, but I am not sure everything is being accounted for correctly.  I need to focus my time and efforts on increasing revenue, not monitoring the company’s accounting function.”

“I would love to hire a outside CFO or controller for my company, but I do not need someone full-time.  Part-time controllers are difficult to find.”

Whether you’re an individual, a small-to-medium sized business, a stable enterprise or a not for profit organization the experienced Certified Public Accountants at Wilging, Roush & Parsons CPAs  will provide professional financial advice at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO and are able to assume some or all of the duties of an in-house controller.  Without the need to hire a full-time employee, an outside CFO or controller allows owners to focus critical company operations instead of overseeing the accounting function.

Our Outside CFO or controller services are extremely flexible to accommodate the needs of our clients.  Many clients find it beneficial to have their outside CFO or controller available to work with the in-house bookkeeper on a weekly basis to ensure the accounting records are accurate and complete. Our Accounting firm’s clients take comfort from knowing that our dedicated partners are overseeing, protecting and constantly improving the financial side of their business. This allows our clients the time to do what they do best and more time to focus on new services, new customers and other core business issues. We also provide our clients with a better understanding of the financial side of their business resulting in less surprises and more control over their money.

Outside CFO – Controller Services Include:

  • Consulting on management issues
  • Developing long term financial goals
  • Planning for financing and capital needs
  • Procuring bank financing
  • Reviewing monthly financial reports and cash flows
  • Projecting future cash flow needs
  • Meeting with management and consulting on company operations