Outsourced CFO Benefits

Every business needs the guidance of someone who understands finance. But not every business can afford to hire a CFO. Now, many are hiring contract CFOs, who are outsourced and work part-time, but provide all the financial expertise a company needs to thrive and succeed.

How do you know if your business needs a part-time CFO?

  • Your CEO is focused on running and growing the business and isn’t a financial expert.
  • You want to increase profitability and strengthen your financial condition but are unsure how.
  • The business is acquiring or merging with another company, or selling off a division.
  • You need to provide financial information to venture capital firms.
  • Your accounting systems and processes are out of date.
  • It’s difficult to get accurate financial statements, or if you do, no one really understands how to review them.
  • Vendors aren’t getting paid on time.

Even though you’re profitable, there’s often not enough cash for new inventory or capital investments.
If any of these statements sound familiar, it’s time to learn how outsourced CFO services can help your company.

A part-time CFO can help a troubled business avoid insolvency and bankruptcy. But nearly any business can benefit when we help in ways such as restructuring the balance sheet to free up cash and make accounts payable current, pay off substantial debt, fund major capital improvements, or fund a retirement plan.

Expert CFO Services without the Cost

Many businesses cannot afford $250,000 or more for a CFO salary. WRP CPAs outsourced CFO services give you the expertise of a dedicated CFO, but you’re only paying for part-time, contract CFO services.

You get CFO services you can trust, yet you don’t have to pay taxes or health and retirement benefits. Whether you need two hours a week or two days, we’ll do what it takes to keep your financial condition strong.

Outsourced CFO Services Summary

Although part-time, your CFO will still be an integral part of your management team.

We will tailor the CFO services to your business’ needs, but the work can include:

  • Financial analysis and planning
  • Fiscal management and cost control
  • Cash flow management
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Financial projections and reporting
  • Customer-focused needs analysis
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Turnaround and crisis management
  • Process mapping and reengineering
  • Credit and risk management
  • Revenue and margin enhancement
  • Interim CFO Services

Perhaps you just need a CFO for a limited amount of time, such as while you’re searching for a permanent employee. We can step in and provide interim CFO services to manage your finances and keep your business on track.

Whether you need CFO services for the long- or short-term, we can help increase your cash flow, profitability, financial condition, and company value.